Saturday, April 26, 2008

Crossed off

A few years ago I started an All About Me album. I did 4 pages that contained 100 things I want to do/ accomplish in my lifetime. I haven't marked very many off. Probably about 4 or so since then but tonight I was able to cross off one more thing.

I have always wanted to make a GREAT Chinese dish but every time I tried it didn't taste right. That is until tonight. Thanks to some fantastic recipes I found on Creating Post it Notes I finally succeeded in my perfect chinese food quest. My friend loved it and so did my kids.

So I finally get to cross off one more thing on my list of 100. It really did taste (and look) like it came from the restaurant. Victory!!!


Shawna said...

Oh it looks yummy! I would love to be able to make really good chinese food, instead we settle for takeout from our fave place lol! I bet it felt good to cross something off your list though!

Beka said...

Good job on making some Chinese food! And good job on the list.

Antonia said...

Dude, you are going to have to make that for me when I am at your house next!! lol That looks great!

Congrats on getting another thing off your list!

*Southern Beall* said...

That is so awesome!!
It looks so freakin yummy!

Lorie said...
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Lorie said...

Im totally going to try this one! I hate going so far to get Chinese and then it turns out not being any good. Thanks for sharing the link! It looks so yummy!