Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Country at Heart

I grew up a city girl. My family owns an old house in the country left by my great grandmother and even though I LOVED those trips out there when I was little, I swore I would NEVER leave the city. Now fast forward about 15 years. I am a city girl but a country girl at heart. I would love to be away from all the noise and distractions the city has. The other day I told hubby we should move to a farm and he made it quite clear how much he hates outdoors. He loves to fish occasionally but anything else that has to do with the great outdoors and he is not interested. And even though I know absolutely nothing about farming or livestock of any kind I dream of buying a farm and settling down in the country.

I have been trying to think about what I could buy to put behind our stove in the new kitchen. We have no walls in there since it is covered with cabinets and then a huge open bar. I need something behind the stove that will make a big statement. So I decided on a red metal star. It is going to be awesome behind there. The best part is that it has a little country look to it so even though I will more than likely never get my little farm house I can still have the feel of one in my city apartment.

I have also figured out my sofa dilemma as well. My best friend has a 3 seating sofa she is willing to sell me(or trade it's up to her). So now I will have a large sofa and our rocking chair in the new living room. Perfect! I just need to buy a slipcover which isn't a big deal at all. We are well underway!!


Sarah C. said...

That big star is awesome! I bet it will look great in your kitchen. :) And hurray for the sofa issue being solved. What a great friend!

Shawna said...

Oh I love barn stars! Have you seen some of the altered ones? I think you would rock an altered barn star!! I want to do one for my kitchen sometime! And yay that you figured out the couch dilemma!

Antonia said...

Okay, nice to know you let everybody else know your decision before me! lol!

Whatever you do in your new apartment as far as decoration, I'm sure it will look cute!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Hey, if you can't live in the country, decorate in it!

I LOVE it here on the farm...can't imagine any other place on earth to live. It is so peaceful and for the most part quiet. We just love sitting out on our deck or in the hot tub watching the stars (and having a drink) at night when we get a chance. Maybe someday you will be able to move to the country....just work on hubby a little more!

*Southern Beall* said...

I feel ya girl! Im from East Texas so I will always be a country girl but I love my city as well. lol and I LOVE the HUGE metal stars! get it!

Maria said...

Totally relate - I would LOVE to live out in the country, maybe have some more animals, etc. To have lots of land and make trails, have camp outs, etc. man, that would be amazing!!
LOVE the star!!