Friday, October 10, 2008

Halloween Fun

Ever since I was a little kid I loved Halloween. It is just such a fun holiday. There aren't any stresses over making a big dinner or finishing up gift shopping. It is just fun. Now with that being said I do have certain restrictions with the holiday. I absolutely do NOT allow anything demon or devil related. No costumes or decorations of anything evil. I am also not a big fan of skeletons or coffins. I just don't want my children to associate Halloween with bad stuff. It should be good clean fun for them.

Growing up I always had so much fun on Halloween. I want my kids to have those memories too. I am throwing a kids Halloween party the weekend before Halloween for all of my friends and their kids. It is going to be really focused on the kids of course but it is going to be a lot of fun. The kids are SO excited. I put up a few of our Halloween decorations today. The kids were so excited when I brought in the huge orange and black plastic container. I couldn't contain them as they started pulling decorations out. Did I mention they are excited?


Shelley said...

I totally agree. Halloween has always been a fun experience in my childhood, and my mother did a good job keeping it clean and fun. I like to stay away from the demon and evil decor and whatnot as well.

Antonia said...

Come on, stop kidding yourself.. the party is REALLY for us adults!!! hahaha

I can't wait, I know the kids are all going to have fun!

Stacia Howard said...

I agree with you but we do skulls cause we love the skulls in this house. I lean more towards the girly skull though. lol
The party sounds like fun! It's been years since I had a kid one. I use to do halloween, christmas & valentine parties for Ryker & his lil friends but since he is in school now we dont.

Beka said...

I love the decorations!! They look great. Wish we could have more, but Adam isn't really a Halloween person. Have a blast with your party and be sure to post pictures!